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Community PRIDE Program

At OSB Community Bank, we don’t just work in the communities we serve, we’re active participants. We live here. We raise our children here. And we work hard to make it better.

As a team, we have the power to help make our communities exciting and vibrant places to live and work. That’s why we’re committed to developing programs and services that support and serve the community in the best possible ways. Sometimes it’s volunteering time to organizations in need. Sometimes it’s donating money for a worthwhile cause. Sometimes it’s simply lending our banking knowledge.

In all that we do, we are extremely proud to serve as your banking partner and we thank you for your business!

Community Giving Program:

This community relations & contributions program is designed to continually reaffirm our longstanding commitment to helping others. Specifically, by supporting and encouraging positive community involvement and initiatives, OSB Community Bank seeks to improve the quality of life for people throughout Lenawee & Jackson Counties. The program responds to identified needs, is gearing to assisting organizations that serve as our business partners & customers, and involves the team at OSB Community Bank when determining the level of support that is appropriate. Support for the organizations can include volunteer recruitment, executive & technical assistance, in-kind donations, and monetary donations. Learn more by viewing our Community Giving Guidelines.

Volunteer Program:

As we strive to be at the heart of the Greater Irish Hills area, OSB Community Bank fosters a true sense of volunteer efforts initiated on their own or through our bank-sponsored programs. This not only builds morale, but also provides opportunities for team members to develop valuable skills they can bring back to their jobs and to develop a sense of community spirit and responsibility.

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